Future plans 2021

Colourful Microbial Images
-With Natural dyes, Various yeast species and Recycled materials

We need images that make us think of our little partners, of thinking of us as the holobionts we are, of our human relationships with microbes, and that we all are part of nature, life.

Yeastograms – images made with living yeast cells – are formed by
cultivating yeast on a biological growth media to create images out of
photographs. The yeast images have been predominantly in beige tones, now I want to open up the spectrum to include colorful micro-organisms. There are some uncompleted studies with different colored yeast species that I would like to accomplish. The project is done with scientists from VTT´s yeast laboratory and BioColour -project which is about bio-based dyes and pigments for the natural colour palette.

I approach the work in terms of it’s being part of a larger system and of the consequences of that system. Mysterious nonhuman symbionts, where and how they grow, and of the sensitive and responsive situating of these works. In doing so I am addressing the complexity of our contemporary ecological reality, acknowledging the intimate entanglements of the microscopic and the macro.