Future plans 2022



Next, I am developing a project called BIO ART LAB. It will be a futuristic laboratory where art, technology, science, microbes, yeasts and plants combine into living and changing artworks consisting of living yeast images, video and photographic works, waste dyes and different species of yeast.

The BIO ART LAB is developing a green, sustainable way to make art and exhibitions, with waste colours and different yeast species. The Bio Art Lab challenges the environmental impact and sustainability of art practices. At the core of the project is respecting, considering, and communicating with other species. The methods of art are an effective way of opening people’s eyes to different realities, especially those that we cannot see with the naked eye.

Green (bio) art:  Biology-based art genres include environmental art, eco-art and land art, bio and green art can also be added to the list. My own definition of bioart is that life science is involved in making art. I borrow methods, tools and research topics from the life sciences.

Waste dyes: I develop methods to use waste dyes in art. Dyes are not collected directly from nature but attempts are made to use dye sources that would otherwise go to the trash. At home, I extract dyes at least from onion, orange and carrot peels and coffee grounds.

Yeast species: My artistic work is based on different yeast species and edible natural dyes in growth media. I try to get some waste yeasts from life science laboratories worldwide.