About the project

Projects history from 23.3.2016 can be found in Instagram.


I learned the technique from Pavillon_35 art collective in the year 2013 when they held a workshop with Bioart Society in Helsinki. They results and recipe can be found here.


Future of the project

The goal is to work more in cooperation with experts in different fields of expertise. For example physics (UV-lights), biology (evolution biologists) and microbiology.


An experienced Yeast-image-artist continues working in the YEASTOGRAMS-Laboratory, where working professionally, persistently and systematically doing unique experimental artistic research. In the laboratory the deepest essence of yeast images are analyzed, wild yeast from the backyard are grown and guidance for others to enjoy the eccentric world of yeastograms are provided. With the project the artist-researcher aims to raise people’s awareness and responsibility to stop the ecological catastrophe.

Traditional fermenting

I am interested in finding different yeast species from traditional fermented foods and beverages. For example from Ombike-beverages from Namibia, made with wild fruit products. More info here.

Future things:

  1. Finish the unfinished research
  2. New spacies for exmple: Fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe
    Red mirrow yeast Sporobolomyces roseus
  3. How to make yeastograms -manual
  4. Research more about Yeast species and Homo sapiens and the long history together.

More info: