Nature of Microbes

a collective short film project is looking for


I am looking for people who would like to join a collective short film with stunning photos or videos of their microbial projects. Especially I am interested in Neurospora, Chrysonilia, Trichoderma related stories and not to forget different yeast species.

Material can be still and /or moving images from microbial communities which have inspired their work. I would like to show and tell a story of the creatures that have made an impact on their work. The final outcome can be seen as a promotional video about different projects with microbes from around the world.
People behind the project will get a financial reward participating in this project. The amount is not huge, so this is why I am looking for material that is ready or needs only fine-tuning.

The Nature of Microbes info (short description)

The short film would like to show the nature of microbes and would like to introduce the microbes you are working with and material from several different projects is combined into one cohesive short video.

Microbes: taxonomy like kingdom, class, family, species = basic information about who have you been working with.
Their nature: How these microbes have influenced your worldview?
Tell your journey with the microbes in short.
Also, tell your connections with laboratories or institutes which has influenced your project, if the connection is the one you want to share.

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