Science Gallery Dublin

OPEN LABS -exhibition together with Bioart Society

In Living images, the artist cultivates yeast on growth mediums to create images. The process brings photographs to life as raster images are exposed onto cultivated yeast with Ultraviolet (405 – 365nm) LED lamps. The UV-lights kill/injure part of the yeast cells during the 48-hour exposure process. The picture is formed when the yeast cells sheltered by the black parts of the raster images survive and the other cells are killed or damaged by the UV-light. Through her artistic research process, the artist studies the images by photographing them for different lengths of time, exploring the world by artistic means with methods from the biosciences. She learned the technique from Pavillon_35 art group in 2013 in a workshop that was held with the Finnish Bioart Society. Since then she has been working with yeast images. More info about the project: